Military Satellite

Back in 1958, the USA pioneered Pro-Ject Defender to make an anti-ICBM remedy started out of tanks. The satellites might have set up a massive cable mesh to disable ICBMs within their first launching period.

The job floundered on Account of this Deficiency of almost any mechanism to Look after the satellites out of assault Causing the rescue of Defender in 1968 Even a armed forces satellite can be a synthetic satellite utilized to get a armed forces intent. Even the absolute most often encountered assignments are intellect collecting, military and navigation communications.

The very first military tanks ended up photographic reconnaissance assignments. A few efforts were forced to build up satellite predicated firearms however that job has been stopped at 1967 after ratification of global treaties prohibiting the installation of weapons of mass destruction .

As 2013, you can find 950 satellites of types in Earth orbit. It isn’t feasible to spot the precise selection of those who are armed forces tanks partially as a result of secrecy and partially because of double purpose assignments like GPS satellites which function both military and civilian functions.