Surveillance Software

On the floor, improvements in facial-recognition and surveillance applications would identify goals and innocents, but it might also single out particular cultural groups, easing repression (or worse). This technology is currently helping”China’s Muslim gulag” and its own particular social-credit system, setting the platform for unstructured information to service proper battles

The fear of attack and infiltration from below, in the bowels of the city, is ever-present for invading forces. Jewish resistance fighters living under the Warsaw ghetto discovered the German soldiers suffered from“sewer paranoia,” fearing that they might be attacked from virtually any place.

In Vietnam, the American soldiers called the Viet Cong tunnels at Cu Chi using all the nightmarish term”Black Echo.” But invaders later on could be armed with over flamethrowers, harnessing sonar and particular 3-D-mapping drones that may venture where soldiers supposed to tread.