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I was offered this job today...
"New Holland announces new dealership partnership in
Ireland news via Heavy Equipment and Truck News in
New Holland has further strengthened its Irish dealer
network by launching a new partnership with Lyons and
Burton who have operated..."

Jobs Overseas For Veterans - Overseas Job
Listings |


Find Overseas Contract Jobs...Fast! Overseas
Job Source is indispensable in finding overseas
contract jobs.

There Overseas Jobs Database directly links you
to 600+ U.S. company career sites offering 1000's
of overseas jobs seldom listed on major job sites.
Over Seas Job Source  provides the tools and
expert guidance needed to launch an effective
overseas job one convenient
Defense Contractor Jobs in Afghanistan, Iraq
and Kuwait
 Overseas Job Source exclusive
database links you to 300+ U.S. companies
offering defense contractor jobs in
Iraq and Kuwait
. One click focuses your search
among 14 sectors to zero-in on companies
offering jobs in your career field.

Discover 100's of U.S. companies supporting
LOGCAP, USAID, Department of Defense,
Department of State and International
Development programs.     

KBR Jobs, DynCorp Jobs, Blackwater Jobs,
Overseas IT Jobs, Fluor & LOGCAP Jobs  Why
limit your job search to KBR Jobs, DynCorp Jobs,
Fluor Jobs and Blackwater jobs and miss out on
100's of other U.S. companies also offering
overseas contractor jobs in Afghanistan, Iraq and
Kuwait? Find more overseas contract jobs with
Overseasjobsource's exclusive Overseas Jobs

Overseas Jobs in the Middle East, Africa and Asia  
Overseas Job Source
covers much more than
conflict zones.

Discover 1000's of good paying overseas jobs
with U.S. companies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
Oman, U.A.E. Jordan, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Bosnia
and more! Discover 1000's of overseas contract
jobs in construction & engineering, IT &
communications, Oil & Gas, O&M, Logistics,
Aerospace, Healthcare, Power Technologies and
Life Support Services.

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  • Jobs in Afghanistan & LOGCAP
  • Overseas Jobs for Veterans    
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A Challenging World Calls for Adventurous People

Search Fluor’s latest LOGCAP assignments and
military support jobs.

Warning - Fraudulent Employment Offers:
"Fluor does not require any payment or fees
from prospective candidates.
If you are looking for a job that requires
courage, determination, and quick, clear
thinking, Fluor has a place for you."

The U.S. Army’s Logistics Civil Augmentation
Program IV (LOGCAP) provides contractor
support and logistics work for U.S. military troops
stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait. As a
LOGCAP prime contractor, Fluor is proud to
support U.S. military personnel in various
contingency environments around the globe.

Fluor’s list of LOGCAP work opportunities includes
many support roles such as construction jobs,
construction engineers and superintendents,
project controls, project managers, quality, site
managers, HSE managers, logistics support,
supply assignments, security jobs, firefighting
opportunities, laundry service, food services
support, water works, vector control sanitation
jobs, billeting positions, maintenance jobs, and
power generation support.  We provide the Army
with the logistical support it needs, so that soldiers
can focus on the mission at hand.

It’s a tough job, under conditions as demanding as
any you will ever find.  A LOGCAP assignment
may place you in a hostile environment, even a
war zone.  But there are also rewards: excellent
pay, benefits, periodic vacations, and more.  
There is also the satisfaction of working at your
utmost while helping others perform a critical
service mission.

DynCorp International -

"Advisory To U.S. Applicants:"

Many of the positions DynCorp International offer
require a Security Clearance (level depends on
the position) or the ability to obtain/maintain a
Security Clearance as a condition of employment.
Your recruiter can provide specific details for the
position you are applying for.
click the Security Clearance link  for
helpful information regarding the clearance
application process.

These are Urgent Openings and these are just to
name a few of what DynCorp has to offer.

  • Administrator Modification Control
    Job Posting:Jan 22, 2013-Requisition
    ID 1300383

  • Customer Support Technician - Tier 2
    Job Posting:Jan 18, 2013-Requisition
    ID INL-1300325

  • Automatic Piloting and Meters Maintenance
    Job Posting:Jan 16, 2013-Requisition
    ID 1300261

  • Ground Equipment Repair & Inspection
    Job Posting:Jan 14, 2013-Requisition
    ID 1300263

  • Technical Advisor Aircraft Fixed Wing
    Job Posting:Jan 10, 2013-Requisition
    ID INL-1206057

  • Logistics Analyst (Property Management)
    Job Posting:Jan 8, 2013-Requisition
    ID INL-1209315

  • Non-Rated Crewmember (NRCM), RW, UH-
    1H (II), Crew Chief (CE) - Gunner (GR)
    Job Posting:Jan 3, 2013-Requisition
    ID INL-1208095

  • Quality Control Inspector - Aircraft
    Acceptance Team
    Job Posting:Dec 31, 2012-Requisition
    ID INL-1209322

  • Pilot Maintenance RW HLH S-61
    Job Posting:Dec 27, 2012-Requisition ID
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Hot Jobs powerd by Yahoo Overseas Jobs -
Check this out 217 contractors in Afghanistan,
Kuwait and other
high risk areas posted on
their company websites. - Veteran-jobs
Monster Veterans Employment Center -recommends, America’s largest
independent job board for U.S. Veterans

Overseas Contracting Opportunities
Submitting an Application:

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Search & Combine; google,yahoo,altavesta,and more
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With ACII you will  have access to a direct link with companies that are hiring. Find a match for your skill sets and desired
location anywhere in the world!  U.S. companies supporting LOGCAP, USAID, Department of Defense, Department of State
and International Development programs.  KBR Jobs, DynCorp Jobs, Blackwater Jobs, Overseas IT Jobs, Fluor & LOGCAP
Jobs.  *** Why limit your job search to KBR Jobs, DynCorp Jobs, Fluor Jobs and Blackwater
International Bodyguard Jobs

Global Risk Management Consultants

Delta One International is a leading organization
in the provision of a broad range of professional
threat, risk and crisis management and
mitigation consultancy services. These services
are designed to provide strategic solutions to
mitigate and manage risk, thereby minimizing
loss, both financially and physically.


global security jobs In Afghanistan - HOT!

  • Ground SIGINT Specialist Job  
    Afghanistan, , AFGHANISTAN  
  • Counterinsurgency (COIN) Senior Advisor
    Job  Afghanistan,   
  • Senior Intelligence Analyst Job  
    Afghanistan, ,     HUMINT Analyst Job  
    Afghanistan, ,
  • Intelligence Analyst Job  Afghanistan, ,
  • Lead Counterinsurgency (COIN) Advisor
    Job    Counterintelligence Support
    Specialist Job  Afghanistan,
  • GFEBS Managerial Accountant
    (Temporary) Job  Afghanistan,
  • Cost Analyst Job  Afghanistan,
    Counterinsurgency (COIN) Senior Advisor
    Job  Afghanistan,
  • Lead Intelligence Advisor Job  
  • Logistics Technician – Mobile Asset
    Management Support Job  Afghanistan,  
  • Logistics Technician - Transportation Job  
  • Logistics Technician – Armory Support
    Job  Afghanistan,
  • Site Manager Job  Afghanistan, ,
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Master Black Belt
    Job  Afghanistan, ,
  • Facility Management Support Job  
  • Logistics Technician (Warehouse) Job  
  • FSR Afghanistan Job  Camp Leatherneck,
  • Site Lead/DBA Job  Afghanistan,
  • Logistics Technician – Asset Management
    Support Job  Afghanistan,  
  • AWRDS Clerk Job  Kandahar Airfield, ,
  • Logistics Technician-
    Aircraft/Transportation Management Job  
  • Logistics/Maintenance Analyst Job  

Operations Subject Matter Expert Job

international police jobs
CPI continually vetting Civilian Police for
overseas opportunities.

international security companies

international jobs

international security assistance force


Triple Canopy -
We are seeking top performers who appreciate
the opportunities that come with being part of a
growing, global mission support, security and
training company. We look for more than
superior credentials; we need innovative team
players who thrive in a fast-paced, global
operations environment and operate at their
best when expectations are high.
*A veteran-friendly company.

Aquamarina Tours and Travel can always
benefit from qualified and enthusiastic fresh
blood. If you feel excited to join us and be part
of our team please send your CV to e mail We will call you
back if your qualifications are up to the job
one of these high paying LOGCAP jobs is that
you can be supremely qualified for a position, but
the LOGCAP 4 recruiters working for the
LOGCAP defense contractors in Afghanistan are
only interested in resumes that meet a certain
format. What format is that you ask? For one,
your resume must have no typographical errors,
no grammatical errors, no syntax errors, no verb
tense errors, no alignment errors…no errors! The
second thing LOGCAP recruiters are looking for
in your resume? Keywords. It must be rich in
relevant keywords, as all resumes are filtered
according to certain keywords pertaining to the
job. Finally, the style, organization and
presentation of your credentials must absolutely
POP! The design with consideration to
arrangement, symmetry and visual appeal must
grab the attention of the reader and hold it as
each section builds on the other, increasing
interest and compelling the reader to dig further
and deeper into who you are, what you bring to
the table, and how you contribute to
organizational development, success of the
company’s business objectives and its ability to
meet the needs of the mission.
Learn More about Defense Contracors

The US Army Contracting Command
(ACC) - offers civilian procurement professionals
unparalleled opportunities—BIG
that enable you to make a BIG IMPACT.

We manage nearly $100 billion in contracts
annually—if a Soldier shoots it, drives it, flies it,
wears it, communicates with it or eats it...we
provide it.

We are not merely a job board or a recruiting
service: we are dedicated to providing both
proactive assistance
for veterans and their families with their transition
back into the civilian workplace, and assistance
for companies with open positions in fulfilling their
recruitment needs.


www.orioninterna...383905  -AMK9 is always looking for
highly trained individuals, who are
committed to professionalism and
excellence in their work or mission. If
you are interested in joining our
dynamic team and desire a career that
will challenge you to reach your full
please send your resume
along with any questions to
. The following
are examples of typical requirements
that must be met for many of our
canine related positions on contracts
  • Completion of recognized K-9
    training academy
  • Must have/prove a minimum of 2
    years as military or law
    enforcement K-9 handler.
  • Have or can obtain valid United
    States passport
  • Able to pass medical and dental
  • Able to pass background check,
    when applicable.   The Special Operations
Community Network!  

Close Protection World
At the bottom of  page of Close
Protection World is this Search
option and reads as follows:
"Search our positions to see all
openings sorted by location select
"Any". Each job description includes a
link for applying and submitting your
resume to us online. This is the fastest
and most reliable way to be considered
for any of our positions".

Civilian Contractor Jobs Overseas-
Job Money.Com.
"American citizens work all over the
world in all sorts of industries. The
most lucrative places to work are in the
world's hot spots. Civilian contractors
are the brave people who find
themselves working an ordinary job in
a war zone"

Job Jams







Usa Xpat Jobs.Com-
USA Jobs. Search through more than
1,220,260 international jobs from
88,352 agents and employers:


Expat Network.Com  





Afghanistan Soft Multiactivity Contract

KBR provides a full range of hard and soft FM
services to the British military in Afghanistan,
and is the largest single contractor operating
in Afghanistan today.

Careers at KBR
We've learned from our past what will be our tools for tomorrow-
 CLICK to go to the WAR REPORT