War Technologies

Reassurances there was always an individual boss somewhere in the functioning of those differently autonomous weapons systems signifies very little to the taxpayers who’ll watch them make their way throughout the roads such as dogs that are mechanical, apes, or even human beings.

Some warfare technologies exist simply to protect (and also to reestablish confidence in) troops entering possibly hostile land. Sniper-detection apparatus may be fitted on vehicles. Soldiers will use exoskeletons to boost mobility and strength, or graphene armor to decrease vulnerability. They’ll fire self-steering bullets, and push tanks constructed with composite metallic foams which are allegedly invincible.

Given the risks of entering cities around the floor, drones provide a safer choice. Paranoia pervades the skies , which could appear empty but harbor undetectable dangers. Land-based robots may even strike terror into town dwellers, while amassing information from inside the fog of confusion additionally they produce.