Directed-Energy Weapons

The U.S. military will ask more cash to come up with lasers, microwave beams, along with other directed-energy defenses to fight missiles and drone swarms, the Pentagon’s top weapons engineer stated Tuesday.

“You are likely to see, in forthcoming funds for missile defense, a renewed emphasis on laser scaling [significance scaling up the energy of lasers] across many technologies,” Michael Griffin, defense undersecretary for research and technology, said in an event hosted by the middle for Strategic International Studies.

A weapon which could take missiles out would need to be more powerful ” he explained. 1 question remains: if it will be made by satellites that are anti-missile the Trump government’s strategy for missile defense and missiles.

Breakthroughs in solid-state, so-called mixed fiber capsules imply such lasers are”not directly round the corner, but that is not entirely out of reach, possibly,” he explained. In addition, he offered he had been a poor prognosticator, unless he had been calling something”bad”