Can Military Aircraft be Sold to Civilians?

Other countries, and even the US, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Spain flew F-104s throughout its years of performance at a certain point in time. Buyers can be retired from usage but purchase them. The Starfighter was designed from aeronautical engineers. This aircraft available was deadly to function and has been plagued with controversy. According to the FAA, you will find ten F-104 Starfighters that are owned in America. Albeit engineless there was a restored.

F-15s and Generation F-14s

The Russians built this aircraft to compete with F-15s and the Generation F-14s. Its stats result in an aircraft. It’s also big. While it had been built to equal the F-15, it comes in at over 5 feet wider and 10 feet more than its rival. Radar technologies and all ten of those weapons are stripped for the economy. The asking price is about $5 million that is a great deal to possess one of those fighter jets.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG 21

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG 21 was a staple in army forces around the globe since its debut in 1959. It held that a variety of world records, for example, its position as the produced aircraft ever. These days despite being utilized by some forces, the MiG 21 is available to be owned all around the world. It is estimated that the Soviet Union and its allies created around 10,000 MiG 21s within the previous decades. According to the FAA, you will find 44 aircraft available in the United States. Three are located in Premier Space Systems which perform private atmospheric space launch services and public. How much will you be put by these aircraft back? Approximately $150,000.

L-39 Albatros

No other former army aircraft is much more synonymous with”warbird” compared to L-39 Albatros. Aero Vodochody in Czechoslovakia developed it as a training aircraft. It was the very first Second Generation jet coach to be made. Additionally, it’s rather simple to see the Albatros is now such a favorite civilian enthusiast army aircraft to have. The sleek design combined with its comparative ease of maintenance and functionality makes it a go-to buy for all those who have deep enough pockets. But this aircraft available will run you around $150,000.


It had been among the best three most abundant US fighters of the war. The P-40 undergone a lengthy list of updates during its busy lifetime as functionality difficulties and shortcomings became apparent. Despite these modifications, the P-40 is not commonly considered a “top fighter” of its period but there’s not any denying its trendy looks. This is only one reason that it is now a desired warbird for fans across the world. Courtesy Aircraft Revenue now has a superbly-restored P-40K Warhawk available for about $ 1.775 million. That is a pretty penny, but this specific version is rather rare. But they left it wishing they had something somewhat better.