Canadian Defense Minister Expressed His Dislike To Prank Calls

Peter MacKay, Canadian Defence Minister stated his dislike toward the individuals accountable for contacting armed service families with bogus information of family members ending up dead in Afghanistan.

“I cannot explain to you how lamentable and detestable an action this is. To position those family members through that unnecessary tension is unquestionably revolting in every single pull of the statement,” Mackay stated to journalists in Ottawa.

“When we have adequate proof and, working together with local law enforcement, once we locate those dependable they shall be charged in accordance with the law.”

Family members of around three troops serving in Afghanistan were called and were informed that their loved ones were killed.

There was just one person officially complaining about the mischief to CFB Valcartier’s officials, but the armed service heard of three reports filed a week ago.

An official at CFB Valcartier said a prankster phoned one the soldiers’ wife at night to state that his spouse passed away of an explosive device within the battlefield.

MacKay stated the Canadian Forces is going to carry on cooperating with the family members to give guidance for individuals who had been disturbed as a result of these mischievous prank calls.

“I cannot imagine any scenario that is far more deplorable than these prank calls,” he stated.

The armed service is stressing on the point that this kind of information would not be relayed over a phone.

The phone calls are now being investigated by the armed service.

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