Choosing The Best Phone System

A business phone system is a calling network that allows internal and external communication, and are designed to meet the complex needs of businesses. There are four main types of phone systems.  These phone systems are differentiated by the technology used, cost and service provider.

  1. Multi-line phone system.
  2. VoIP phone system.
  3. PBX phone system.
  4. Cloud phone system.


These systems are ideal for smaller businesses with 1 to 250 users. For a mid-market business, the ideal phone systems are VoIP systems and PBX systems.  


In a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone system, the voice and data communication equipment are hosted by a third party at a remote location.

The VoIP system relies on an Internet connection with the burden of maintenance placed on the service provider.

Costs of  VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems typically involve one-time setup fees. These setup fees cost approximately $5,700.

However, once the system has been set up, an ongoing monthly subscription fee of approximately $600 must be paid to the service provider. This covers the use of the system and maintenance cost.

These phone systems require a good Internet connection for quality calls.

VoIP Features and Benefits

VoIP can help in improving customer service through Call Hold, Call Routing and Auto Attendant. For instance, Auto Attendants can answer calls and route your customers to the appropriate location or department

With call hold, customers won’t have to deal with a busy line since the system will automatically play a hold message until an employee is available.


A PBX (private branch exchange) phone system consists of a private network on-site. This phone system has a central unit into which all phone lines within the organization are tied, and the cost is generally lower than a VoIP system.

Costs of PBX Phone Systems

The set up fees for a PBX phone system cost around $2,500, while the installation fee is around $1,700. The monthly fee is around $600, which covers both the Internet and phone service costs.

PBX Features and Benefits

A PBX phone system is very reliable because it can operate without Internet access and electricity. During instances when the Internet speed slows down, the quality of the phone calls will not be affected.

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