Defence Innovation and Office

Real innovations are characterized by the fact that they are really needed. But so that they can arise at all, the appropriate budget must be invested. Real innovation takes money, time, and brains. And that’s exactly why the military has become such an important driver of innovation. The necessary funds come from taxpayers’ money and create structures from which private companies also benefit massively.

Defence apparatus and office

Governments all over the world are investing huge sums in their defense apparatus, whose arms race is increasingly tending towards digitization and virtualization. They have installed office applications for any reports related to defense apparatus.

Cybersecurity is becoming the new key market in the defense industry. And major defense companies are increasingly turning to the civilian sector. The innovative technologies they develop have an impact on society as a whole.

Today a number of both publicly known and clandestine research institutions operate on behalf of the armies. These can be small initiatives in which the crew of a US Navy ship brainstorms on technical and organizational issues. Or large organizations which work with in-house specialists and in collaboration with private companies and universities, for example, to research Nano drones.

Defence innovations shaped civilian lives

Setup and Install Office

Some innovations that are of military origin have so fundamentally shaped your everyday civilian life that one almost forgets where they actually came from. That goes for the Internet, which began as the US Department of Defense’s Arpanet in the 1960s. This also applies to the American positioning system GPS, which everyone uses today for navigation while driving and as tracking technology for jogging.

Public funds for research and development in the armed forces can continue to support basic research today that could greatly change everyday life in civil society in the future. At the moment, particular attention is paid to aerial drones and exoskeletons.

The US Army has been using aerial drones as a weapon for years. Drones in the form of so-called copters have long been populating everyday civilian life.

New technology should help rulers to assert themselves against competing powers. But power is always counter-power. And once it’s in the world, technology doesn’t care who uses it for what purpose.