Defense Against Cyberattack, Not Nuclear War, Might Be The One The United States Should Be Focusing On

It cannot be denied that the United States of America is a real superpower on Earth. Not only does the country boast a great economy, it is also a stronghold of the world’s most powerful warheads that can obliterate anyone who tries to challenge them in just a matter of seconds. The capacity of its nuclear bombs to cause destruction is beyond imagination. No other forces in the world can come close to the defense level of the United States, as a missile launched miles away would be shut down immediately even before it reaches the coastline.

Still, even the most invincible entity has its weakness, and as for a superpower like the United States of America, one would think that the country has no weak points. The thing is that while the United States has been busy building weapons to strengthen the defense line, the enemies are planning an special assault, a kind that no one has ever thought before: an all-out cyberattack.

A Weak Spot In The Defense System That The Enemy Can Take Advantage Of: The Cyber Realm

Physically, the United States is beyond impenetrable. It is impossible for any aircraft or warships from other countries to even come close to a US territory. However, the enemy may opt to choose his own battleground in order to take down his target. An easy battleground for someone without means to launch a physical attack would be the Internet. This makes sense as almost everyone in this world stores their important information online, trusting that no one will ever find out. If you ever check out the great deals at the Amazon Great Indian Sale and enter your credit card details, there is a chance that someone out there with vast knowledge about hacking can easily obtain your card info and steal your hard-earned money.

The same thing goes for a cyberattack; a terrorist, for example, can employ hacking skills and techniques so that he can access the nuclear warhead that only the President of the United States has. Who knows what the code is and how can it be used so that the weapons of mass destruction can be used to cause mayhem around the globe, but it is clear that no one is safe once this code falls into the wrong hands.


The Pentagon investing on space weapon research is just a proof of how far the United States has reached in terms of military power and defense. However, we should not be complacent that no one can ever break our defenses, as there are great minds with evil intentions out there who would stop at nothing to terrorize innocent people.