Intelligent Toys for Kids that Parents Will Also Certainly Love and Enjoy

Technology is evolving quickly. It can, therefore, be difficult to find the best intelligent toys that your children will enjoy long after they are opened. However, find the right ones and they offer a safe, engaging, and innovative way to help your child play and learn.

Here are 12 Fun Toys & Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys the main light sources that are worth considering for your child. Here are some insider tips on how to access them without breaking the bank.

Starlink Battle for Atlus

Brings your child’s toy to life in a virtual world

This is a new combination of a collectible toy and a video game. The game is a space adventure where you control your ship through a galaxy of planets. There are space battles, but you can also descend to any planet and discover a variety of missions and stories.

The game comes with modular toy spaceships that attach to the switch, Xbox, or PlayStation controller. Whichever ship you attach appears in the game. In addition, you can customize the toy with wings, weapons, and pilots that are immediately reflected in the game.

Virtual t-shirt

Provides a magical lens in the human body

This is another innovation in the world of augmented reality. It combines this technology with the emerging trend of wearable technology for children. Simply put on the T-shirt and your child can take a unique look at how his body works.

There is a 360 VR mode in which you can explore the internal organs and immerse yourself in the bloodstream, small intestine, and lungs. But the best thing is to see anatomy or circulatory systems projected onto a child’s body.

With the latest app, you can also measure a pulse and see how your heart beats just as fast. If you want to know more, the anatomy expert Hans Glover can be called at the touch of a finger to guide you through the lungs, liver, heart, and digestive organs.


Interactive AI robot with personality

Boxer is definitely an inexpensive robot friend. Unlike other robot toys, it manages to squeeze a lot of personality into a small package. In addition to general interactions and wheel pulling, he can read smart cards to load them in different games.

Place 1 of the 10 activity cards in front of Boxer and if he rolls over them you can play games like Bot Bowling, Paddle Bot, and Go Kart. He also has an interactive ball that he can use to play a wild soccer game. When you play with him, his personality develops. Learn emotions like happy, sad, grumpy, or even sleepy. It also responds to your hand movements and knows when you’re watching.