Investing for Military Defense

Military defense is essential to this President’s National Security Strategy of Engagement and Enlargement. In pursuing its own military plan, the Administration faces the double challenge of readying U.S. forces to tackle a broader group of dangers while at exactly precisely the exact identical time downsizing and simplifying our forces to reply to the protection requirements of the 21st century.

The Administration has established a set of initiatives developed to catch and employ science and engineering to react to those challenges, and focusing on these objectives: encouraging our military forces at the assortment of assignments they are sometimes delegated, decreasing acquisition expenses, and nurturing a healthier federal science and engineering infrastructure to provoke innovation and also the vital industrial ability to capitalize on this.

Science, Technology, and Military Power
Engineering expenditure and our defense technologies enable us also to conquer any benefits that adversaries could seek and to offset threats. Additionally, it extends the options available to policymakers, such as choices aside from war in preventing conflict and pursuing the goals of encouraging stability. Technologies and science help to offset dangers and they exude the wisdom capabilities essential to evaluate.

The U.S. army depends on technology and science to create our innovative military systems cheaper through their whole life cycle. And the shield S&T community stays sensitive to consumer requirements but also sensitizes the consumer, by keeping a conversation with the warfighters.

U.S. military abilities not only shield the USA and its citizens a way out of direct risks, but they also help keep stability and peace in areas critical to U.S. pursuits and underwrite U.S. defense responsibilities across the globe.