Military Defense Technologies that are now available for Civilian Use

Believe it or not, many of the military technologies that were developed before have now been used by civilians like for instance, GPS technology. Have you ever thought of how you are going to go around the Stadt Füssen without it? It is kind of challenging but with the availability of such technology, it becomes fairly easy.

Military Technology Origins

As a matter of fact, many of the automotive, medical, consumer and electronics development originally started from military technologies.

Well, a lot of consumers are not aware of how many electronic products they are using or instantly recognize were products of military technology. Such innovations have pushed many industries from medicine, real estate, businesses and so forth.

These technologies that we are enjoying right now as civilians were first based on strict military specifications and requirements. But what are other technologies that we are now using today that are actually based from military?

UAVs and Drones

Unamend Aerial Vehicles or UAVs and drones were inspired by Kamikaze era of WWII. These are primarily developed as flying aircraft targets that help in training navy gunnery systems to hit incoming enemy planes or aircraft. The idea of a one-way mission had remarkable power but the goal of avoiding casualties has what pushed it forward.

Back then, drones are operated using handheld analog frequency signal box. Military drones were equipped with cameras that can send images which become very useful throughout Vietnam War. Nowadays, drones are used not just by the Military but also, law enforcement to perform border control and surveillance.

Exoskeleton-Assist Devices

Exoskeleton-assist devices were initially developed in the 1960s, which is supported by military technology. This is carried with partnership from General Electric or GE. These devices can be mounted on soldiers to better improve their weight-carrying ability as well as speed when traveling on foot.

There are different versions of exoskeleton devices that are made; there is one that appears to be a robotic skeleton that has pieces connected to the calves and thighs of soldiers and then, there is one modeled after a robotic dog. Regardless, the additional support delivered by hybrid leg dramatically improves the weight-bearing abilities of soldiers.