Military Website That You Must Know

Most people do not know the existence of defence technology websites. For the benefit of many, military websites are widely available over the web. Aside from their defensive webdesign, these websites cater to vast compilation of data regarding weapons modernization. In addition to that, future soldiers, the role of the military in cyber security, and helpful articles about defence technology were all provided at those sites.

List of the Most Informative Military Websites

Here are the best websites about military technology.

Defense Tech: Modern Warfare and Weapons

This military website offers informative updates about anything related to military technology. It includes their vast knowledge about their field. You can also find there the links navigating to the military relevant sources. Moreover, upon navigating to their site, you can access their latest posts easily and even join discussions of other readers.

Defence Talk

The DefenceTalk offers a wide range of information regarding the military, news and reports about aerospace, and global defense. Their forums are very open for conversations discussing the armed forces in the whole world, weapons and military innovations. The site also has a news tab portion which is to easily categorize famous topics. 

Defence Talk dominated the online community in 2003.

Military & Aerospace

What’s extraordinary about this site is that it highlights a ‘computer’ in which the military hardware and newest gadgets of the armed forces are discussed. Even computing and development skills of the military have also been tackled. If you are also looking for information about computers of the armed forces, sensors  RF/analog, and military communications, they are all covered here.

Naval Technology

This one is a sister website of the DefenceTalk. It is also created from the same clean objective. This site talks about information in relation to the Navy. Naval Technology also compares the military technologies of international military branches. The way each military forces works across each other and the way they affect one another is also provided here.


SpaceWar is a website that is not that popular. However, it contains lots of helpful and informative write-ups. The ads displayed on the web are closely related to military technology. Other website sections cater to various ideas that span the globe. This is a website that has a personal touch of military technology that shouts authenticity.