New Family of Powerful and Advanced Armored Vehicles To Be Presented At IDEX 2019 Next Month

Technological advancement has contributed a lot in providing top-notch security and protection to individuals and organizations over the years. For 2019, we can expect a new batch of armored vehicles that are more powerful and more efficient than their previous iterations. The upcoming International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) 2019 will highlight the special collection of the newest and highly advanced armored vehicles from Saudi Arabia’s Science Technology company, in partnership with Armor company from Ukraine.

The IDEX 2019, which will run from February 17 to 21 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), will have a special feature of Science Technology and Ukrainian Armor companies’ latest family of combat armored vehicles. These modern armored vehicles are set to be promoted in the MENA region.

New Vehicle Models To Watch Out For in IDEX 2019

The upcoming exhibit will include the new Varta armored vehicle, as well as the latest Novator rapid intervention vehicle models and mobile mortar system. The catch in these new armored vehicles is that they are specialized in transporting military forces and evacuating trapped soldiers in the midst of combat, so expect that these vehicles can withstand a volley of heavy bullets during a military encounter. Also, the newest Novator and Varta models can be equipped with extra features to become a Command-Post vehicle.

The upcoming armored vehicles at the IDEX 2019 promise to greatly surpass the lifespan of a militarized commercial vehicles, and other commercially-available up-armored vehicles today. The expo will demonstrate how much our technology has developed in the year’s past to provide increased protection. Looking at how technology led to world advancement, we can expect something even bigger at the IDEX this year.

The Ukranian Armor has been creating special vehicles, aside from armored vehicles, will be used during Ukraine’s rapid deployment police task force operations, under the watch of the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. The company is also known for designing ambulances for civilian and military affairs.

Meanwhile, the Science Technology company was born out of the collaboration among giant international companies, which have been working for the past several years to bid on various government projects. With the Ukrainian Armor and Science Technology joining forces, a number of technologically-advanced vehicles were created that meet all the requirements for competitiveness and industrial growth.

Armored Vehicles Might Be Expensive, But Your Security Is Worth Every Dollar

Aside from governments and big corporations, a few individuals have already considered buying their own armored vehicles, due to growing number of criminal incidents that target not only the big personalities but also ordinary civilians. Even though an armored vehicle costs a lot, this can be viewed as good investment because they can guarantee to protect your resources while travelling. Some of the popular but highly expensive armored vehicles include INKAS GMC Yukon Denali, which boasts a BRG armor level with 8-speed automatic transmission.

For those who would like to have an armored vehicle that resemble those used during actual military combats, there is INKAS Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, which can withstand gunfire and blast shrapnel coming from 2 DM51 grenades. Imagine this kind of vehicle parked in your garage and having its picture taken with you. The photo will surely be a hit when you post this on Instagram, although you can get more likes by getting Instagram likes kopen.

Although, setting aside the cool and impressive appearance of an armored vehicle, your protection should always be a top priority.