Pentagon To Begin Developing Space Weapons That Can Intercept Enemy Missiles

As part of the Pentagon’s efforts to strengthen its military power, the defense department might start considering space weapons to take down foreign threats such as missiles that target to destroy the United States. It is still unclear which kinds of space weapons will be developed, although the technology to develop space laser weapons and orbiting missiles is reportedly being studied.

The Best Line of Defense Against Missile Attacks: Space Weapons

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has continuously pushed for the improvement of its current technology to perfect the country’s security against vile attacks. Truly, technology has proven to be the solution to world advancement. While the country is currently not officially at war, it is convenient to make sure that any possible threats in the future such as nuclear attacks can be intercepted. With this, the Pentagon is said to open a program to study space weapons as the answer to missiles infiltrating the homeland. Aside from orbiting missiles and space laser weapons that can easily shut down enemy missiles, the study could also include the development of ray guns and particle beams which will be stationed just above the Earth’s atmosphere.

Positioning space weapons to watch for threats entering the United States territory would be an amazing feat. This scenario is like something that would come up from a Hollywood sci-fi movie, but it is slowly turning out to be a reality today. While the development of space weapons sounds like a great leap from our current technology, this will not come out as a complete shock to everyone considering how much our technology has evolved. There are many things that people has perfected over the years. For example, you can see a replica bag that can be mistaken for an original bag by visiting Maria Dipalo’s site.

Current State of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense

The latest report about the space weapon program was quoted from a senior administration official of the defense department, who gave some briefing to the reporters about the Missile Defense Review. This is in lieu with the Trump administration’s desire to get the country’s defenses ready for any unforeseen attacks. However, it should be made clear that the space weapons are not expected to be developed anytime soon. Instead, the possibility of having a line of defense in space is only being reviewed. After all, this will be a solid addition to the country’s missile defense.

As of now, the Missile Defense Review is only expected to cover the possibility of using SM3 IIA missiles or Arleigh Burke-class Aegis destroyers to intercept an ICBM missile. These missile defenses will be tested sometime in 2020.

Space weapons are said to be powerful enough to counter not just ballistic missile threats, but also cruise missile attacks and special type of assault such as hypersonics.

It is uncertain if other countries such as China and Russia already developed such innovative weapons that might threaten the United States security one day, so the defense department is already conducting a study as early as now to be ready.