Technology digitization in military


More and more digital technologies are being used on the modern battlefield. Digitization is not possible without innovations and they come primarily from start-ups. From a military point of view, close cooperation with the digital scene and technology companies is therefore important in addition to one’s own ability to innovate.  Entrepreneurs of pokemon fire red cheats on other hand are innovative when creating new versions.


AI and the cloud

For the US Department of Defense, the core technologies for digitizing its military include AI and the cloud. The aim is to use them to optimize military operations and enable more efficient command and control processes. It is increasingly important to collect information quickly and in a targeted manner, to process it and make it available to the staff. Because in combat scenarios of the future, quick reactions are essential.

In addition to cloud computing, it is of particular technological importance in the digitization of land-based operations. With the project “Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure”, JEDI for short, cloud infrastructure is to be developed for the US armed forces in cooperation with Microsoft and Oracle.


Augmented Reality for the US Army

An example of equipping land forces with digital technology from the civil sector is the US Army’s augmented reality glasses. The technical basis is the mixed reality system “HoloLens 2” from Microsoft. US units are to be equipped with around 100,000 of these AR glasses by 2021. Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) is called the system inspired by video games. A transparent color digital display allows the user to access information relevant to the battlefield. Augmented reality functions, such as real-time mapping, provide information about one’s own location as well as one’s own, allied and hostile forces.

Israel Army Digital Strategy

Israel, too, is constantly developing ideas and technologies of military strategy. Leading the way is the elite unit 8200. In Israel, military service is compulsory for everyone – men and women. The brightest minds are assigned to Unit 8200. Among other things, this unit is responsible for telecommunications and electronic reconnaissance. Thanks to this unit and its connections to the flourishing start-up scene – in Israel there is one start-up for every 1,300 inhabitants- The country has a high degree of digitalization in its military. The most famous development is the so-called “Iron Dome”. The mobile missile defense system is intended to protect the population from ballistic missiles with a range of five to seventy kilometers.