The Reasons Why Defensive Work Is Important

You contribute to peace and security
Defense offers you something that many other employers cannot: the unique opportunity to contribute to peace, freedom, and security. In the Netherlands, but also beyond. As a soldier, there is a good chance that you will go abroad for a while. This could be for a peacekeeping mission, for humanitarian aid, or for allied defense. You acquire the necessary skills and drills’ during your training, in your daily work, or during exercises at home and abroad.

You grow professionally
The defense is not just an employer, even in your backyard,  you need a defense such as to eliminate the pest. A job at Defense is an investment in your future. As a soldier you learn a trade, gain unique work experience and develop important competencies. Think of learning to work well together in a team, working under high pressure, taking responsibility, and transferring information to your colleagues as clearly as possible. These are all skills that will come in handy during your career, whether you continue them within or outside Defense. Because there are many employers who would like to hire a former soldier.

You grow personally
The military profession is special. During your daily work – whether in a barracks in the Netherlands, during broadcasts or exercises – you constantly gain new knowledge and experiences. In this way you push your physical and mental boundaries, you learn to trust yourself, you develop an eye for your environment and you discover that being independent is not the same as wanting to do everything alone. You will also experience what true camaraderie is, how to deal with different people and cultures and that peace and security cannot be taken for granted everywhere. A career in Defense changes you and allows you to grow, both as a soldier and as a person.

You are sure of a job
Your career at Defense consists of a number of phases. In the first phase, you will follow your training. After this, a period of job security begins, which, depending on your position, lasts 4 to 7 years. After this phase, we will discuss with you whether you would like to continue your career within Defense, or whether you would rather continue in civil society.

You can count on good terms of employment
Because we are an employer that demands a lot from our people, we offer a good starting salary supplemented with various financial extras (allowances) and possibly an annual bonus. You can also get your driver’s license for free, you are covered very extensively collectively for a low monthly amount (about 70 euros net) and you can count on good medical care if necessary. We also pay for your training. These are in any case the General Military Training Course, in which you acquire military knowledge and skills, and a technical training course in which you prepare for your future position. You will receive a salary from the moment you enter employment, so also during your training.