Warfare and Technology

Warfare is a conflict between states, societies, and government. It is generally associated with violence and aggression through deploying military or armed forces. Technology is the technique and process of producing goods and in this matter, weapons and other things that can be used by the military during war.

The two terms defined above when combined is know as military technology or defense technology. As we modernize, everything should follow the flow. Technology is associated with everything because we are now living in a world wherein we rely and depend so much to what the technology can do for us. Simply because it makes our lives easier, it enhances the performance of a product, it improves the overall quality of a good.

Why is it important to rely on technology when it comes to warfare?

Entering a battle means risking lives and getting ready to gamble all your resources. It is a must to improve all the weapons the armed forces have. Weapons or the defense technology is almost like a fashion. Countries even invent weapons for warfare. This is a trend that all countries must follow or else their current weapons and armors will not give them protection anymore.

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The government always have a budget or fund allocated for weapons of the armed forces. Research and purchases are expensive but the benefit everyone will get from it will be worth it. It is not only about winning the battle. It is also about protecting the forces surrounding a territory just to protect the people in it and the state as a whole.