When Should You Switch to Mattress Protector

Knowing if You Need to Buy a Mattress Protector

Once you buy a new mattress, you sometimes think of whether to buy a protector for it or not. One factor that may affect your decision is the quality of the mattress. If the mattress you bought is of great quality and is thick, you may think of not buying a mattress pad or a mattress protector. On the other hand, if your mattress is not that great in quality and is thin, then it would be better for you to have a mattress pad or mattress protector. But of course, it is important to know that mattress pad and mattress protector are two different terms and this article or the site https://www.sleepywill.com  will help you understand their differences.

Definition of Mattress Pad 

We are first going to describe what a mattress pad is. A mattress pad is not a material that you will put below your mattress, it is actually placed on top of it and it is thick, but not thicker than the mattress. There are various reason why the pad is placed on top of the mattress such as:

  • to avoid tear
  • adds more comfort especially if the pad is high quality and is not prone to sagging
  • if you are not that satisfied with the mattress you bought.

Mattress pad is advisable if you have a mattress that is old and quite comfortable for someone to lie on. But if you just bought a new mattress, there really is no need to buy one.


Definition of Mattress Protector

Now we move on to the mattress protector . Unlike mattress pad, mattress protector is put below your mattress. It is designed to protect the mattress from allergens, dirt, and other bacteria that may cause damage to your mattress.  This kind of mattress is usually bought for liquid resistant. If anyone happen to spill a drink on your mattress, the mattress protector will make sure that your mattress will stay in good shape and quality.

There are lots of mattress protector in the market that are inexpensive yet will do their job of protecting your mattress.