Cyber Fighters Receive Updated Training tool

source: wikimedia commons


Training in the U.S. Cyber Command had been known to be tough. Even while other departments in the army were given side tasks like heat pressing shirts and other army apparel using a good heat  press machine, the cyber command is totally different.

On October 28, c4isrnet published “Cyberwarriors receive updated training tool”. In Washington, the U.S. Cyber Command was given the second part of the cyber training program.

The Persistent Cyber Training Environment, or PCTE, is an online client that allows Cyber Command’s warriors to log on from anywhere in the world to conduct individual or collective cyber training as well as mission exercise. The Army has been running the program for the Cyber force as well as the Cyber Command.

“On a Monday, we provided the PCTE platform Version 2. There was an early look function in which we showed participants all the various characteristics and completely new improvements and new functionality of the said platform. We have received 3 days of feedback,” Cyber resiliency product manager, Lt. Col. Thomas Monaghan said.

Version 1 had been given in February. Since then, the program has participated in many large scale cyber events for the Cyber Command. This included allies from across the world.

Version 2 had many improvements and developments, Elizabeth Bledsoe (deputy product manager) has pointed out. Version 1 has shown event management functionalities for training events. Version 2, however, improves the capability to catalog the contents of the training as well as to search for training events that already took place.

Version 2 likewise shows improved scheduling features intended for event scheduling and team management. This has made it easier for the user to make various changes and modifications to the platform itself when it comes to current training events.

As soon as they reach the event, they already have the capability to change the events for certain requirements; after which after the event is in fact carrying out, it enables them to help make modifications inside the event during the time, like replace the danger to really make it more difficult for them and also enhancing the faithfulness of the event instantly.

Monaghan included that the content material is far more powerful in Version 2, which simplifies plenty of characteristics that were recently carried out manually.