Cydia: Devices & Battlefield

Military theorists have studied the development of technology in history. They analyzed the significance of new weapons developments that have altered the face of war dramatically. In today’s Information Age, the knowledge-based society operates on the promise of improved efficiency and personalization. Your news is filled with announcements constantly touting the modern technological advancements. This will produce an essential change for future armies. The single modernization that will truly reform the modern is the portable smartphone.

Digital Age soldiers leveraging military smartphones adapt them to their missions and rely upon a network of experts who serve as their reach back support.

connectivity in defense sector

The smartphone allows armies to gain real-time intelligence and innovative persistent situational awareness. Traditionally, armies gained intelligence by engaging their own limited number of scouts and sensors. With military smartphones, militaries on the battleground no longer depend on their military’s own reconnaissance systems exclusively. Soldiers are able to link into and control all existing surveillance methods on the battlefield. Ideally, they can tap into even those that belong to the enemy. Consequently, soldiers gain access to the complete spectrum of intelligence feeds. These can be military-grade systems presented on the battlefield or available systems essential to the area.

Defence technology

This is what permits militaries to do military operations with lesser footprints that benefit from real-time support and analysis. Through the achievement of real-time intelligence, military smartphones can enable the army consistently. They execute expertly ad hoc objectives. Soldiers are able to demand military strike packages tailor-made for their missions, unique needs, and circumstances.

The tailored applications of the smartphone permit soldiers to calculate objectively what package is required to accomplish an objective successfully. They can expertly request as well the entire host of military existing options. This includes the air force interdiction sortie, delivery of a smart bomb, insertion of a military strike team, drone strike, naval gunfire, or humanitarian relief package. Smartphone provides soldiers with personalized military applications that not only help with decision-making. More importantly but arguably, this links them into the military logical support centers skilled of handling the great amounts of input on the battlefield.