How the Taxi Industry Benefit from the Technology

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Years ago, getting a taxi was quite a struggle because it involved waiting outside for a taxi to come by and waiving your hand at it which can be a low class way. But these days, getting a taxi is quite easy that even a kid can do and that is because of technological advancement.

Technology has indeed affected the taxi industry in a lot of amazing ways. Taxi industry, these days, are completely dependent on technology. In Netherlands, advance booking of taxi in the airport through is already possible. This will benefit those people who are arriving to and departing from Netherlands. Without technology, one could not have imagined the taxi industry to be like this.

From making it easy for us to access the taxis, to letting the taxi company access our phones, every single thing is only because of the technology. By this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of the technology in the taxi industry.

Pros of Technology on Taxi Industry 

There are uncountable pros of technology in the taxi industry. Let’s figure out some of them here as well.

  • You can get a taxi at whatever time you want. Getting a taxi late night was an issue before, but now it not at all an issue.
  • You can book a taxi either from your mobile phone or laptop or tablet or desktop.
  • You can easily cancel out your booking if you don’t require a taxi anymore.
  • While being on your ride, you can share your route and location with your parents or friends. This is a good point with respect to safety purposes.
  • Your cab driver follows the route to the location that you have entered by the help of technology only.
  • You can book a taxi in advance for a few hours later ride.

Cons of Technology on Taxi Industry 

  •    Most of the cab companies charge you for cancellation of taxi booking.
  •    Cab drivers also have an option to cancel the ride, without a valid reason.
  •    The number of promotional messages and e – mails.
  •    Some such apps can also send the promotional message on behalf of you from your phone.