How to Prepare for A War?

The world has been telling that it is the era for world war III. While we hope for this to not happen, still there’s a part of us who wanted to get ready for an apocalyptic war. This is so no professional advice, but this is a few basics one should know when a war attacks.

Let’s check this out!

What Happens Before a War

This does not mean that war is expected now, but it is everyone’s duty to be prepared for the possibility of war. Moreover, when a war is about to come, leaflets will be sent to you to give you fuller guidance on particular ways in which you can be prepared.

By this time, the government is taking all possible measures for the defence of your country and has made plans for protecting you and helping you to protect yourselves, so far as may be, in the event of war. You, in your turn, can help to make those plans work, if you understand them and act in accordance with them.

No-one can tell when and how the war might begin, but the period of warning might be very short. There would be no time then to begin to think about what you ought to do. And just enough time to help you prepare yourself, pack your things or maybe get a ticket away from it.

Furthermore, there are more warnings that are being sent before a war…

Air Raid Warnings

When air raids are threatened, the warning will be given in towns by sirens and hooters, which will be sounded, in some places by short blasts, or in other places by a warbling note, changing every few seconds. In war, sirens and hooters will not be used for any other purpose than this.

The warning may also be given by the Police or Air Raid Wardens blowing short blasts on whistles.

Gas Masks

If you have already got your gas mask, make sure that you are keeping it safe and in good condition for immediate use. If you are moving permanently or going away for any length of time, remember to take your gas mask with you.

Lighting Restrictions

All windows, sky-lights, glazed doors, or other openings which would show a light, will have to be screened in wartime with dark blinds or blankets, or brown paper pasted on the glass so that no light is visible from outside. You should obtain now any materials you may need for this purpose.

Although, if you wanted to just simply get work done in your roofing, you can simply call on before a war comes in.