Lets Fly Wisely : How the Pandemic Spurred Growth in the Commercial Drone Market

There’s now an increasing demand for commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, which is why related product reviews are drawing much attention. In this article, Let’s Fly Wisely delves into the reasons why and where UAVs or drones are becoming popular, while the letsflywisely.com web pages provide the answers to queries about the best, safest and budget-friendly drone equipment that are available in the market.

What’s Driving the Increasing Demand for UAVs/Drones?

As the need for safe distancing measures remains amidst an ongoing pandemic that has yet to be contained in many parts of the globe, the application of drone technology has been proven useful not only by the military but also by the medical, commercial, industrial and household sectors. The miniature unmanned aerial vehicles have so far broken barriers imposed by the COVID-19 contagion, European countries like Italy were able to effectively impose lockdown and isolation measures.

Amazon had the foresight of using drones even before the coronavirus outbreak, mainly to reduce package delivery. As the turns of events have it, drone delivery services provided that best solution for safe delivery services as well, keeping Amazon in the lead among all other e-commerce Business-to-Customers (B2C) players.

Soon enough, as economies in different countries and North American jurisdictions made attempts to safely reopen businesses, the use of drones provided solutions to logistical problems that would have otherwise prevented providers in rendering their services. The application of drone technology enabled numerous companies to conduct unmanned site and line inspections, geographical surveys and to obtain cartographic information, as well as photography/film documentations for news and other media outlets, which are only some examples of current drone use.

The medical industry demonstrated the most relevant benefit of drone use, as the UAVs are now critical tools for providing just-in-time deliveries of vital medical items for medical productions without regard for the remoteness of a location. Providing medical home care particularly for the vulnerable population even in areas where timely and efficient delivery by way of human services was not possible.

While in most households, drones came into use as a form of novel entertainment usually by film and photography hobbyists, the availability of new types of drones made quarantining measures more manageable for many families. Through application-based services provided by companies like Amazon, Walmart FedEx and UPS just to name a few, enable consumers to get their purchases delivered right at their doorsteps.

Know that There are Federal and State Laws in Place

An enumeration of the many uses of UAVs could go on but there is one important matter that letsflywisely.com has to give emphasis to as well. There are laws that regulate and restrict the extent with which owners and operators of unmanned aerial vehicles can apply drone technology.

While there are federal laws, including licensing requirements, imposed through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) there are also statutory laws in place. Only a handful of U.S. jurisdictions namely Alabama, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio and South Carolina have not enacted laws governing drone technology and its uses. In such states, the federal laws enforced by the FAA, will prevail.

Correspondingly, this website, americancontractorsiniraq.com reminds American civilian employees currently assigned in Iran, to always bear in mind that under Iranian laws, UAVs are banned. That being the case, any drone found in the person of an individual entering the country, will be confiscated in addition to the fines and/or punishments imposed.