Military Hospitals Deserve Our Praise

The Military Health System has contributed so much in the preservation of life.

People who serve in the military be it uniformed and civilian are doing their best to defend the country. All the people who serve in the Military Health Care system look over the health of our uniformed men and women. This in the Army, Air force and Navy including their dependents and some veterans.
The MHS don’t just provide health care but they do a lot more. Education is among their countless duties. They teach future medical professionals who will serve in the military. In 1972 the Uniformed Services University has come to existence. This aims to educate the future medical personnel of the military.

Critical care in the air for wounded US troops

It’s a fact that it would cost a lot to educate future doctors of the military in this University. However costly it may seem, they still breed excellent doctors. Doctors in the military make up a percentage of the total doctors in America. Without them, there will be a shortage of doctors. America needs this University especially that the country experiences a shortage of doctors. Especially over these coming years.
The health system in the military has contributed to some fields in medicine. It’s a fact that Military Doctors have advance skill in Trauma Medicine. They are well versed in this field. There was a high survival rate of soldiers injured in action. This was true during World War 2, the Vietnam War and conflicts in the Middle East. Military doctors were able to practice this skill even under pressure. They can manage and care severe and complicated wounds one can imagine.
The US Military aside from their Defense Technology also help countries who are in need. They have been helping countries in need. Recently, the US military donated medical supplies and devices to the Philippines. The supplies included, face masks, gloves, protective clothing and tools. Medical equipment and devices such as adjustable beds were also included. Poor hospitals in the Philippines will need this during this pandemic. Read more on adjustable beds by clicking this link: