Protection from Cyber Criminals

Cyber crimes are among the fastest and most destructive forms of delinquency in this contemporary time. As per cyber professionals, there are around a million potential attacks being committed every single day. With the evolution of cloud technologies and smart phones, this figure seems to only increase day after day.

In an effort to mitigate its growth, countless organizations and businesses alike exert never-ending efforts to amplify their cyber security teams. Yet, to identify potential attacks and/or hackers, it is critical to acquire solid foundation of who are the would-be cyber criminals, the techniques they might use and to what counter initiatives could be incorporated to protect and to prevent impending cyber attacks.

Crimes of such degree are serious. This is why offenders who were caught are typically restricted from using jail bond calculator. After all, many of these crimes don’t have bails available. Regardless, there are still countless of individuals who push to hack private entities and government agencies. Some see this as a challenge while some do this with grave intent.

Techniques Applied to Execute Cyber Crimes

There are numerous techniques being used by cyber criminals to leverage access both on private and personal networks. Following are the most common:

Number 1. Botnet – this network of bots are developed strategically that crawls the backend of a website. It does spread malware to the system where it is installed and the worst thing about this is it’s hard to detect its presence.

Number 2. Zombie computer – simply put, these are computers who are hacked deliberately by hackers to have entry to and/or attack private networks.

Number 3. DDoS – this stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Using this technique, cyber criminals don’t just have the intention of accessing data but also hoping to shut down the network by dumping bulk of junk data.

October 21, 2016 (Friday) was a known event of DDoS attack occurred wherein cyber criminals were able to shut down several notable and noteworthy websites such as Amazon, Twitter and Spotify.

Countermeasure to Prevent Cyber Attacks

The aforementioned techniques used by hackers are only few of the many that can be used. There are countless more. But of course, if there are attacks, there are also defense strategies devised to deal with these issues. And businesses as well as government offices particularly the Department of Defense heavily invested on countermeasure. Few well known examples are network encryption, proxies, firewalls and cyber liability insurance.