Safety And Security Tips For Condo Living – Piccadilly Grand Showflat

If you are looking to buy and own a home for a single family but your current budget isn’t sufficient enough, a condo unit may be a good alternative. When it comes to costs and taxes, condos are usually cheaper as compared to single-family homes. The real estate journal reports that the prices of condos, in comparison with single-family homes, are likely to appreciate at a rate that is slower which makes them an affordable option in marketplaces where prices are on the increase.

Piccadilly Grand Showflat – Discover The Luxury It Offers

While many individuals demand for larger living spaces with backyards, there are those who prefer a smaller space with less maintenance and are conveniently located in areas where there needs and wants are easily accessible. For these reasons, many prefer to reside in a condo where they begin to discover the numerous benefits of condo living.

Piccadilly Grand, for instance, is a new condo development in Singapore that is soon to rise on Northumberland Road in the area of Farrer Park. Developed by City Developments (CDL) and MCL Land, the condo is suitable for individuals, couples as well as families as the units come in different sizes and layouts, from one-bedroom to five-bedroom units. Check out Piccadilly Grand showflat.

Whether you are looking to buy a condo unit as a single individual, a family or as an investor, the Piccadilly Grand certainly offers high capital appreciation as well as rental income since it is situated in Singapore’s Core Central Region and is well-connected to other areas of the city, making it a highly sought-after property not only today but also in the years to come.

If you are interested and want to find out more about this luxurious condo that is expected to be completed in 2026, you can schedule a Piccadilly Grand showflat viewing and can even get an early-bird discount and no commission payable when you directly work with their sales team.

Safety And Security Of Condo Living

Security is another reason why many opt for condo living. Condominiums are high-rise buildings with separate units that are self-contained, however residents share an entry way into the building property. Most condominiums provide complete security, from security guard/s at the entrance to surveillance cameras inside and outside the building. This is particularly beneficial for condo residents living alone. So, whether you are buying a condo unit or renting one, this is an advantage you will get and enjoy.

If a condo has the proper security personnel and measures in place, its residents can have that sense of safety and security. However, even if you are aware of the safety and security that your condo provides, you still shouldn’t let your guard down and be aware and cautious of your surroundings. That being said, here are some condo living safety tips to follow:

  • Know Who Your Neighbors Are. It is crucial to become acquainted with your neighbors so all of you can make certain that everyone works together to keep watch on and pay attention to your surroundings for the safety of all.
  • Know Who You Let In. At times, you simply want to be a good neighbor and hold the door open for them. However, it is important that you as well as any guests that you allow into the building are those you know who are residing there, which makes getting to know your neighbors vitally important.
  • Take Notice of any Suspicious Behavior. Notify any security staff and/or your building manager of any behavior that is suspicious. But, if the matter is more severe, let the authorities know.
  • Always Lock Your Door. Even if it is a quick trip outside to take out your trash, it is good idea to always lock your doors.
  • Change Your Locks. If you aren’t the first tenant of the unit, change your locks as the previous tenant may still have a copy of the keys to the unit.
  • Know Where the Exits Are. In cases of emergencies, which are unforeseeable, it is extremely crucial that you know where the exits are so as to be prepared.
  • Make Use of your Peephole. A peephole on your door is there for a reason. Even if you are expecting a visitor, look through the peephole to know who is at your door.