The Role Of The Military In Cyber Security

The internet has made it possible for consumers all over the world to shop online. The multiplicity and categories of good and products available in the market is incredible, such as

Although the internet has provided the convenience and ease for people to conduct business, it has also unfortunately allowed other people to cause trouble and harm by creating scams, malicious links as well as viruses that damage computer systems and networks.

Today, data breaches are rampant wherein innocent and unwary users are now more at risk. When a single click could cost hundred, thousands, even millions, internet users have to carry out responsible measures that could help I keeping them vigilant and safe as they go online.

The Military and Cyber Defense

The fundamental role and function of the military is to provide its citizens security. If the military can’t protect itself, then it can’t protect its citizens. As information technologies are accepted and utilized by the masses as well as by various market sectors different industries, this has set-off cyber-attacks to acquire pertinent and sensitive data. Hence, there is a greater and essential need for the military to collaborate with stakeholders and experts to create and spread awareness as well as provide its citizens a secure cyberspace by providing resilient and strong capabilities.

The main focus of these resilient and strong capabilities is to identify, defend, take action as well as put a stop to cyber-attacks that could possibly incapacitate or weaken the networks and systems of the military which could affecting the operations of the military. Therefore, the fundamental and crucial function of the military in terms of cyber-security is to provide protection and security to the systems on Communications and Information, and because of the continuous increase in the interconnectedness through the internet, there is a more and greater necessity to progress resilience capabilities.

The military is progressively taking steps and actions to have a more profound understanding of the diverse challenges of cyber security or cyber defense which led to improved integrations of effective planning.

Cybersecurity or cyber defense is the set of procedures, practices, as well as technologies designed and intended to protect and secure networks, systems, programs, data, and computers from cyber-attacks and unauthorized or illegal access.

The military, similar other businesses or organizations, depend on cyber security or cyber defense for protection and security as they make use of the computers, networks and systems in all their operations. Therefore, the military has to mandatorily and complete incorporate the aspect of cyber defense in all their planning and operations.