The War isn’t in the Battlefield Anymore, It’s the Guys who Mastered IT

In today’s day and age, businesses, government officials as well as regular citizens are looking for new opportunities and efficiencies in form of digital technology. But for defense agencies, it’s a totally different story. Having fluid, timely and secure flow of intelligence and data serves as the lifeblood of modern military activities.

Those that failed to adapt to new technologies would probably be in a disadvantageous position and at greater risks from enemies who have their hands on state-of-the-art technology. No one can just enumerate the prerequisites needed to maintain operational advantage and ensure that the national security is uncompromised. For one, it needs more than optimization of existing capabilities but also, changes to how they are approaching and implementing new technology programs across organizations.

Conventional IT Programs won’t Suffice

While various government-led IT programs have distinctive objectives and goals, majority of it have the common denominator. Sadly, most of these challenges simultaneously arises which form an array of complex setbacks from increasing project cost to delaying deadlines.

The Solution?

In an effort to steer clear of these potential dilemmas, following are the proposed and integrated solutions to ensure that defense technology will be kept at optimal level.

Enhances Process Automation

IT terrain, especially of big organizations, is complex and its hosting solutions are oftentimes at different stages of lifecycle. At the same time, it compromises of various technological developments, data models and standards.

This has resulted to the reduction of interoperability as well as inability to use data effectively.

Organizations need to improve process automation to zero out probabilities for human errors during routine transactions. This is necessary to also guarantee availability of high quality data for accurate reporting.

Sourcing Digital Skills

Lacking of digital talents can halt project transformation. Even if organizations are meeting the required skillsets, it should always be a step ahead. Basically, even those who are using products from are considered for the position. Well, for the simple reason that there have been studies stating the positive impact of CBD and vape oil products among users.

Research at the same time helps in uncovering the skills available, what would be necessary in the foreseeable future and how it can retain skilled talents.

Effective Procurement

As a way to keep up with the pace, defense organizations ought to step up with the procurement procedure for technology solutions. This is without forgetting to strengthen partnership with industry peers and private sectors.