Understanding how Bulletproof Vests Protect its Wearers

Riders are always asking the question of what is the best motorcycle helmet to keep them safe in case of an accident. While it is true for the said statement, bulletproof vests are what keeping police and even high-profile individuals safe from unforeseen attacks.

Bulletproof isn’t actually Bulletproof

The truth about bulletproof vests is, they are not actually bulletproof. Though, they are bullet-resistant. The fact is, bullet-resistant vests are not protecting the wearer from all possible threats. There’s nothing in this world that is bulletproof. In rare cases, bullets might get through the vest that has been rated to stop that particular bullet.

The bullet may have serrated edge or anything similar. Bulletproof vests don’t make the wearer invulnerable to bullets and magically repel everything.

How the Fabric is Capable of Stopping the Bullets?

Body armor consists of strong woven and/or non-woven ballistic fibers. This material is good enough to stop a bullet similar to how nets can stop a volleyball or tennis ball. It is causing the bullet to slow down, turn and distribute its energy in the entire panel.

Take into account as well that the slower the bullet travels, the better off the wearer will be. Bullets with hard tip or perhaps, fired at high velocity can still possibly get through the fibers and straight through the vest.

Every Gun is Deadly

A lot of gun aficionados are disregarding the deadly potential of some handguns. On the other hand, any bullet regardless of its size that travels at extremely fast speed can pierce through the vest. Big handgun rounds like .45 ACP and .44 Magnum is traveling at lower speeds that allow the body armor to protect the wearer. With a 9mm gun and .357 SIG, however, the guns are traveling at a faster speed and may give the vest a harder time to stop it.

Also, take into account that the shells of shotguns are quite dangerous to any bulletproof vest. This is due to the reason that the vests are not rated or made for these types of bullets. The reason behind this is that, shotgun shells don’t have consistent velocity as with other guns.