What Applicants Should Know When Writing Essays About Defense Contractors

When applying for a job opening with a defense contractor company, you could be asked to write an essay about your understanding of the nature of the occupation. Since many already enlisted in the military consider a defense contractor employment a dream job, they seek help from a provider of essay writing service to increase their chances of getting shortlisted for an interview.

However, if you’re looking to build a defense contractor career that requires writing emails, memorandums, formal letters and even press releases, it would be best to develop your own writing skills. Mainly because defense communication requires confidentiality of certain information.

Bear in mind that as a defense contractor employee, whether you’re working directly with the government, or with a commercial defense contractor, the work being accomplished is mainly concerned with the safety of the American people. The core objective is to be a civilian extension of the military sector, whose main goal is to strengthen the country’s security while promoting international peace at the same time.

What Exactly is a Defense Contractor?

Historically, the concept of outsourcing defense-related tasks to commercial contractors was embraced by the Department of Defense after the supposed conclusion of the Cold War between the US and the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1991. The latter was a confederation of countries in the Russian region that formerly included Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia, just to name a few.

Following the increased reliance of the Department of Defense on defense contractors instead of using the services of military members or government civilian employees, the government came out with a Code of Federal Regulations pertaining to the Defense Contractor industry.

Under Title 32 of the CFR, a defense contractor refers to any legal and non-federal individual, corporation, firm, entity, association or partnership that has entered into a contractual relationship with the Department of Defense (DOD) to provide supplies, services or construction work.

The term contractor excludes military service personnel, civilian career employees of the DOD, or civilian political appointees. A defense contractor can either be private entities contracted by the DOD to supply goods or render services; or they can be individuals hired to perform specific tasks for the DOD through collaboration with accredited commercial defense contractors.

Why the DOD Considers Working with Defense Contractors Important

Defense analysts cite the following advantages of entering into agreements with select contractors:

Employing individuals provided by commercial defense contractors allows the military to focus on specific military activities without involving uniformed military personel.

Supplemental skills, technology  and expertise in special fields such as multi-lingual communication abilities or maintenance of weapons systems and other forms of crucial military support, can be quickly provided by defense contractors.

The selection and hiring process can be tailored in accordance with the needs of the military sector but without need for the latter to conduct the recruitment and hiring activities.

Defense contracts can end when the services or the supply of materials are no longer needed.

The use of defense contractors in augmenting military capabilities is cost effective because the supply or the service can be provided only to military troops who need them and when there is a need for the supply. .

While there are other benefits considered in employing defense contractors, the overall goal is to prevent wasteful spending; but without compromising availability and quality of the goods and services needed for military and defense operations.